INNOMARITIME is organizing a WORKSHOP on the application of FINITE ELEMENTS METHOD (FEM) to the design and optimization of ships’ structures.

The workshop is scheduled on the first three weeks of June 2017, and it’s designed in two stages:

  • The first one, for the definition and development of Finite Element Models of different ships’ types and purposes (classroom course of about ten days )
  • The second one, following the former, as a practical on-line course.

It shall be conducted by our Technical Manager, Naval Architect Mr. Manuel Monasterio, former Senior Surveyor of Class-Societies LRS and BV in Plan Approval aspects, and with more than 30 years-experience on ship structural design with FEM tools.

Mr. Monasterio shall introduce specific techniques for:

  • An efficient modelling of ship structures for different purposes: local and global loads
  • Sub-modelling (or modelling parts of the whole structure)
  • Assessing the static and dynamic loads on the ship’s hull
  • Setting appropriate boundary conditions
  • Concentrating efforts on a detailed model (fine meshed) of structure critical areas
  • Optimizing the structural elements’ scantlings and weights.

Among other relevant topics, the workshop shall highlight the specific (and fundamental) differences between FEM modelling of a ship structure and FEM modelling of other structures (for example, the ones typically adopted in civil industries).

Participants shall work in a specific ship model and, after a theoretical introduction, shall focus on working-out the required practical steps until completing the FEM process.

If you are interested in participating, please write us to Upon receipt of your enquiries, we shall provide you with more information as well as with the inscription forms.